Your BODY is designed to MOVE!

Bodies that do Pilates:

-move fluidly from an aligned and centred core

-achieve mind body awareness

-move efficiently with precision

-feel better

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Let's breathe and move!


Hey there, I'm Bec, and I've been a Pilates teacher for 20 + years. I love helping people acquire the tools to feel better in their own bodies. I firmly believe that movement heals! 

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Pilates is for Every Body

No matter your fitness Pilates can & will help you feel better and move with more grace and ease - promise.

Wherever you are on your Pilates journey, let me help!

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Haven't moved for a while?

My free guide Sedentary to Supple will help you get up off the couch.

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The free Know the Flow class guide is your tool for exercise names, reps, & sequencing.  

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The free Resource Video Collection offers snippets exploring Pilates + Movement

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There are heaps of Pilates teachers out there so why should you learn from me? 

That's a really good question so check out what my clients think👇

Meg M

“Rebecca Forde at Dragonfly Pilates is one of the most gifted Pilates teachers I've had in over 15 years of classes dabbling in Pilates.
She effortlessly creates a setting – whether virtual or in studio - where I can properly focus on my body, my breath and movement. Her guidance, direction and attention ensures that all students - from the beginner to the competent - are all addressed and able to achieve their individual capabilities. Virtual classes are enhanced with mini videos that focus on exact movements and allow a closer examination of the technique.
Rebecca teaches with joy, passion and humour and her classes are always evolving. She imparts knowledge and is a wonderful teacher: precise and instructive, and very positive and encouraging. I can’t offer a higher recommendation. Just do it!” 

Amy B

“I began my Pilates journey with Rebecca a number of years ago when I started taking her mat class as part of Dancenorth’s community class offerings. I quickly became fond of Rebecca’s teaching style and class structure which led me to commence classes at her Dragonfly studio. After a short break for the birth of my first child in 2014, I returned to private lessons with Rebecca where she gently guided me through a post-partum recovery until I eventually regained my strength and sense of confidence within myself and my body. I continued learning from Rebecca, experimenting with springboard and equipment classes in addition to my regular mat class, over the years and through the birth of my second child in 2017. I have always found Rebecca’s approach to be inclusive, welcoming and innovative. Her classes are refreshing and you leave with a sense of achievement.”

Lyn P

"Rebecca with her welcoming, friendly (& professional), and caring manner is passionate and very devoted to passing on her extensive knowledge and understanding (three years study) of how Pilates and the body work together to keep our bodies strong and supple to be fitter and cope better with our increasing years (I'm 75).
One unique gift of Rebecca’s which make the classes delightful is her descriptive and imaginative word pictures of how to do a movement which really helps you to understand what you have to do and feel. The classes are held in lovely surroundings with a small number which makes it very pleasant.
I was doubtful if Virtual Pilates would work for me but it has been just as good which proves you can do Pilates in any situation with Rebecca.”    

Martin H

"Bec was recommended by my physio. Virtual Pilates was my introduction to Pilates and it's been a great experience. Instructions have always been clear and easy to follow and it's nice to know that she's watching me carefully and correcting my mistakes. I'm a busy person, so virtual classes are a welcome time saver."

Anne McCu

"I have always appreciated the small classes and the fact that you see EVERYTHING and we get away with NOTHING! I had thought that might be compromised in the virtual classes, but I have been pleasantly surprised that your eagle eye still sees everything."

Anne McCo

“Dragonfly Pilates opened my eyes to the opportunity of VIRTUAL Pilates with a degree of personal attention I never thought possible. I like how Rebecca’s professional approach and manner of explaining, demonstrating and close observations are able to encourage and correct my movements.”

Have you been told that you 'should do' Pilates  but don't know where to start? 

Learning Pilates can feel like learning a new language. Let me teach you the abc's, words, and sentences of Pilates so you feel more at home in your Pilates practice & confident in your body




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What can you expect from a class or session with Dragonfly Pilates & Movement?


my eyes on you and your alignment 

my classes are purposely small so that even in a group setting I can pay attention to you

my passion for the Pilates Method

I think Pilates is amazing and love to share my enthusiasm & knowledge