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Are You Tired?

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I almost didn't write this because my brain is a jumbled mess - this week I’m sleep deprived and unfortunately it’s of my own making.
How did this happen to the person who evangelises all things health related and knows the dangers of not enough sleep?

 Check It Out:

1. A three day workshop that only happened live and live for me was 1:00AM-9:00AM. Dedicated or stupid? You be the judge😵‍💫

2. A weekly seminar on getting your legal house in order if you’re a small business. It starts for me at 9:30PM and sometimes goes into the wee hours. This one I have no regrets - I didn’t know what I didn’t know & it’s bringing me much relief🤗🥱
3. And this morning… Eurovision!!! In What? You don’t get up to watch it live???🤣🤩 Here in AU, it starts at 5:00AM and it's not like I can roll out of bed at 4:55AM and just slither on to the couch - I have to have my coffee!
Oh global world what have you wrought?🌏🌍🌎
photo by krakenimages 

Through the magic of technology we can connect with people in ever expanding concentric circles from our geographical location, it’s keeping me in business and I love it (especially my Pilates community from all over). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous tool but, as I’ve quite handily shown, it can be very easily abused.

The good thing about my three indiscretions is that they were mostly one off occurrences, it was just bad luck that they all happened in a six day onslaught.
As a reminder, sleep deprivation causes mood swings (hubby can concur🦀), junk food cravings (I can concur🍫), a compromised immune system (def don’t want that, right?🦠), and memory loss(💡😩🙄)
We all know the world isn’t neat and tidy so sometimes you’re going to make a conscious choice to do things that you know are bad for you; heck you’ll probably be really looking forward to doing them! Yes, Eurovision, I’m talking to you🎤🔥💨 but what about a wedding where you might toast the bride and groom a few too many times or an exceedingly long day in the car driving to a much looked forward to post Covid family reunion?
Obviously these choices are about living a really good, full, and fun life but what can we do to minimise the effects they have on our health? If we know that things are going to get nutty in the near future then it makes sense to be forward thinking and have a plan of action.
I like to remember the simple three legged stool metaphor for health with each leg: Sleep, Food, Exercise being the same length. What are we going to do when we whack one off (or in my case two - remember the junk food?) We have to shore up what we can, right?
We minimise the damage by having a plan (but not by being so rigid that we don't enjoy the reason for our lack of sleep, lack of exercise or less healthful food choices, am I right??)
So, my plan? Keep up my movement practice, regain my healthier eating choices, take a few good naps, and as I said, enjoy the crap out of the events that ruined my sleep in the first place - You know what? I have zero regrets🙌🙌🙌

Alrighty, in order to now rest my fuddled brain (and yes I know that's not really a word) I'm done thinking and typing. Trying to make this make a bit of sense wore me out so instead I’m going to make a salad and even though it’s a windy, rainy day, take the dog for a walk😃
I hope your day is awesome and includes good food, some movement and at least seven hours of sleep tonight🤩
Be Well,
The opinions expressed and contained above are provided for information purposes only. The contents of this blog are not intended to amount to advice. Rebecca Forde & Dragonfly Pilates & Movement disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents of this post. 
(cover photo by Sinitta Leunen, social photo by Jacob Norrie)

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