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Operation Recombobulation

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I’ve just returned from an epic trip - a whole month in the USA seeing friends and family! I have to admit though, after a two + year Covid induced hiatus it was a little bit weird to travel internationally again.

We (the hubby and I) traveled through six states, which included many flights, which included multiple rental cars, which included a lot of packing, a lot of unpacking, a lot of reorganising the suitcases, a lot of finagling into the suitcases all of the things we acquired in our month away. It. Was. Epic.


One of my favourite travel memories from a previous trip is from the Milwaukee Airport. After the security checkpoint rigamarole of placing my electronic devices in a separate bin, emptying everything out of my pockets, removing my shoes and excess jewellery - also in a separate bin, making it through the x-ray machine without setting it off, and getting pulled aside for the bomb residue wipe down test, I looked up and saw:

Yes, you’ve got to love it when bureaucrats show a sense of humour and it perfectly describes getting your s**t back together before you head to your assigned gate, no?

(As of the end of 2020 Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport is the only one to feature these signs - former airport director, Barry Bateman, suggested them - but I hope that the trend spreads, don't you?)


So I’m home now and the Recombobulating has been massive.

I’m not talking about just the unpacking, doing the never ending loads of laundry, or figuring out how to cut the grass that’s actually too long for the mower to handle…

Catching up on all of the stuff that goes by the wayside when you’re away for any length of time is one thing and is totally expected, but since I’ve returned I’ve had to Recombobulate my brain and body in a massive way.

I’ve decided that not only was it the length of our trip but also the length of our return journey plus all of the new details - tests, forms, declarations, etc. etc. - that you need to master to travel in these new times.

My brain and body are tired.

So, how does one actually Recombobulate oneself??

What I’ve turned to is my Three Legged Stool: Movement, Nutrition & Sleep, with an added Side Table of Forgiveness & Grace.



Now I wasn’t a total couch potato for the past month, there were some walks/hikes (see above), and a wee bit of Pilates and Yoga, but obviously my focus was on catching up and celebrating with friends and family so the Movement leg of my stool was whacked down a fair bit.

All of the socialising included lots of yummy meals and more alcohol than I usually imbibe, plus I was there over Easter and the chocoholic in me was, shall we say, very happy. The Nutrition leg of my stool didn’t shorten as much as widen, lol.

It doesn’t take much alcohol to disrupt my sleep and for some reason when I’m on vaycay I drink way more coffee than usual so my sleep was not as deep. Plus I was turned on to a new mystery series and got stuck into reading so I was getting less than my usual 7-8 hours per night. The Sleep leg of my stool not only shortened, it got wobbly.


So, since I’ve been home I’ve basically cleaned up my act:

  • I’ve recalibrated my sleep and am almost over my jet-lag (which actually’s been pretty minimal this time round - I swear by these travel tablets). Generally speaking I’m back to my regular number of hours per night and I feel pretty rested.
  • I’ve reclaimed my morning routine which includes exercising, meditating, and humming.
  • As to my diet, I’ve decreased my portion sizes, increased my veggie intake and am weaning myself back off the sugar.


What about that side table of forgiveness and grace?

How do they come into the Recombobulation Equation?

I’ve accepted  that life isn’t going to automatically return to normal for a couple of weeks.

  • Sleep: If I wake up at 4:00AM I’ve not put pressure on myself to either fall back asleep or get up, either way it'll be okay. And if I don’t hum or meditate everyday I don’t stress.
  • Movement: I’m easing back into my exercise routine so that I don’t overdo it and injure myself. (I’m weirdly craving more exercise by doing less intense exercise)
  • Nutrition: If my diet’s not 100 percent what it could/should be and my vacation weight takes a bit longer to come off, so be it. I had a wonderful time and wouldn’t trade any of the fun, food, & lounging around that happened for anything.


I’ve decided that this Recombobulation thing, i.e. checking in with some things and being kind to myself while I do, is something that I can turn to not only when I return from an epic trip but also whenever I’m in need of a reset or feel like I need to regroup.


Whatever you're dealing with, I do so hope that your three legged stool is pretty stable and set up next to a nice side table...

Be Well, x Bec

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